Hotelearnings.com is one of the leading Hotel Marketing Company in India offering collective services of OTA Management with registration, Revenue Management, Virtual Front Desk, 24*7 call response, Review Management and Social Media Marketing Services for hotel and resorts.

Hotelearnings.com is providing marketing solutions for more than +15 hotels with the team of 8 heads working passionately to maintain Hotel’s online presence and generating smart revenues. Here are few reasons why a hotelier should outsource Hotelearnings.com: -

MASS BOOKINGS AT COST EFFECTIVE MARKETING – Expert Team using their utmost brains to optimize the content and investing on creative/relevant facts to make sure the hotel is visible to all platforms putting competitors on head. Team is working day and night to ensure hotels online presence, whether to use EMAIL MARKETING, PPC (pay per click), SEO’s (search optimization), target audience, website content, social media handling.

REVIEW PRO – Embracing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Review is a true art on internet nowadays. HOTEL REVIEW MANAGEMENT/ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is the ultimate way to grow your business. Traveling to new destinations, it is obvious people search for reviews. Our team will guide you to know your areas of improvement and to fix them, responding to each guest reviews, managing negative responses in a grateful and empathetic way.

OTA RANKINGS – OTA presence is must to boost any hotel revenue and here at HOTELEARNINGS.COM we understand how OTA MANAGEMENT SERVICES should be tackled in a neat way. We here work minutely on content, promotions, price quality, rate parity, amenities, photo distribution, optimize pricing and availability/distribution, room content, location, updating the hottest trends, targeting preferred audience, competitive analysis and what not to make the rankings and visibility intact.


Social media is constantly changing. We work on trends to keep our hotels stay relevant. Major tools are our – INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, LINKEDIN, TWITTER. Even finding influencers, creating unique hotel blogs, content marketing and brand awareness, regular social media posts, HOTEL SEO, taking the video tours, offering exclusive deals, maintaining TripAdvisor rankings for inbound crowd, and reaching our old clients using social media tools.


To know more about how it can be done and what all services Hotelearnings.com has to offer you, please visit our website on or call on +91-9016644502.