Hotel Internet Marketing

Digital marketing is the most vibrant used tool any hotelier can rely on. It encompasses the everyday lives of a traveller. People these days interact 70% via mobile apps, chats, social media and emails. 2021 reports up to 68% bookings done via mobile aps and social media platforms.

The best part of internet marketing is that you can engage your targeted traveller with a lot of content and updates of your hotel in different ways. We shall learn more to how hotel b2b marketing works.

What is Hotel internet marketing?

Hotel internet marketing is also referred to as hotel digital marketing or hotel social media marketing or even hospitality marketing. All the above is only and only to brand your hotel on all platforms of internet world.

Defining the target area is main process of hotel’s digital marketing. As the digital platform is now a days covered with lot of innovations and solid contents, hotelier to look apart needs to put forward a unique content describing its USPs which enables them to connect to more and more travelers.

Some travellers attract to beautiful images, whereas some dig down deep and choose to book a hotel based on the reviews. Most importantly the internet marketing starts with an outstanding hotel’s website, representing the exact information to its visitors. The type of hotel and facilities should reflect same on the website. For example if the hotel is situated in forest area and facilitates a safari and camping, then the website is preferred to be more with a forest theme and similar.

Hotel social media marketing

With a day by day growing demand of social media connect; it has now become a magical tool to the hoteliers to connect to its potential travellers.

Social media helps you to serve the proper content and virtual experience to your travellers who are about to book your hotel. Some of the social media facts are as below:

  1. found that 51% of the guests wanted to book destination that none of their friends had visited.
  2. 62% of the Facebook users say that ‘their friends or families photo’ inspires them to book the same hotel.
  3. 52% of traveller like or follow page related to their upcoming trip.
  4. Instagram records best hotel add platform to attract travellers between age 18-33.
  5. 85% travellers use mobile apps to book travel activities.
  6. Facebook brings yearly revenue of approx. $55 billion-more than 90% comes from mobile ads.
  7. 97% of millennial share photos to social media while travelling. is your one stop solution with all of the expert team working day night to uplift our brand and market your Hotel in the best possible way. Connect to our digital marketing expert now and see the colorful results.