Hotel Marketing Strategy

Marketing your hotel is a wide topic and need huge array of skill, topic and strategies that hotelier needs to be aware of if one wants to grow and have a J curve graph for their hotel business.

Effective hotel marketing means potential guests and customers alike will be impacted by your brand wherever and however they choose to research, plan, and book their trip.

This article will help you to absorb different ways to market your hotel.

There’s so much to note about while developing a marketing plan for your hotel. You can also end up asking yourself few most imagined questions:

  1. 1. What cost will I need to pay to market and attract guests flow in my hotel?
  2. 2. Planning I should do to properly market hotel and get best result?
  3. 3. What offline channels are available to trust on?
  4. 4. Who can I work with to achieve satisfied results in booking?
  5. 5. How to manage all parameters and get desired branding and revenue?

Before we jump to answers these most raised questions, there are two more important facts that an hotelier needs to focus on:

  1. What my hotel can best provide?
  2. What my target audience is?

These 2 points will help to you to plan your marketing strategy accordingly and help you to script the exact message you want to give to your audience. Other factors to be considered while marketing your hotel are: hotel size, number of hotel rooms, budget and average room rate of your hotel.

Traveller demographic behavior is very important to differentiate and focus accordingly on. Here are some of the traveller demographic behaviors we have sorted for you:

  • Value seeker: These are the travellers who value money in every form. They are the middle class batch who often travel with their family and demand good hospitality from their booked hotel. They look the reviews and expect good discounted rates from the hotelier.
  • Luxury traveller: These are higher class travellers who never compromise in their leisure travel and stay. They have a high income source and travel frequently. Most of these batch travellers are above 30 and like to customize the trip accordingly. They demand a peaceful and premium option for stays.
  • Group and family traveller: These groups of traveller are highly active in socializing and believe in word of mouth. They like to travel in group of families and friends to have a happy travel memory.
  • Corporate or business travellers: They are the job or business personnel who travel the most in similar locations and believe in booking the same hotel if provided proper service and budget. They are mostly age group of 35-60 years.

There’s much much more into the hotel marketing guidance. Refer to our next blog to get the deep knowledge of “Hotel Internet marketing in current digitization world”. is your one stop solution with all of the expert team working day night to uplift our brand and market your Hotel in the best possible way.